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Ok, I started with a discussion :-)
Here you can postet all your sentiments about the band,the songs,the lyrichs,the band outfit,the band underclothes....everything :-)

I hope to see the video so soon and the guys come to germany so soon,because this shit rocks!!!!

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Hey all! I just saw the guys at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ... They rocked the house!!! I was there to see Zo2 and what do ya know, I came home loving another Brooklyn band! Gotta love it! Check out the internet radio station that I help run... ! The Deadlyz will be added to the 24/7 rotation as soon as I can get the cd to the webmaster! We do have live DJ's but, we're just starting out...soon enough though you'll be able to listen to live DJ's most of the time!

Keep on rockin'!!!


aka. DJ Deakklok!



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